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March 31, 2011


I've still got the adapted TKD class if she wants to give that a trial. First class is free, second if she still needs more time to decide....

Nice to see you around in the blog world!

Does this mean you will finally take trapeze classes with me?

Being honest I struggle to type a blog post, and er actual exercise...
I thought of taking up archery for the Olympics - seems the easiest.
Good on you for hitting the pavement.

Go Mimi (and you!) GOTR sounds really great for that age group- can only hope they'll have something like this for Care when she's older.

I'm curious as to what she'll pick.

Yay! Just saw you posted!

As for running, it's hard to think of a better endeavor for us non-athletic types to gain some physical confidence. A friend of mine, who is in her fifties and runs marathons, says:

If you can't play sports, you can run.
And if you can't run fast, you can run long.

Which was certainly my experience. I'm looking forward to getting back out there, once I'm approved for mild-impact endeavors again.

I hope Mimi finds a sport she loves. And yay, you, for being brave about it! I'd be scared, too.

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