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April 11, 2008


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Mr. MomMaamMe

Please refrain from making comments about my junk.


Happy Birthday to Me!


Mr. MomMaamMe


Happy birthday to you AND YOUR JUNK.

See how I ignored you on your birthday?


Happy birthday, Mr. MMM!



Happy belated birthday to J! (Giving new meaning to the first letter in "Junk.") ;)


It was his birthday, I hope somehow he got his junk checked. Or something.


Junk checking is required at ALL birthdays. Or did you not get that memo either? Perhaps you should check your junk..........mail. :)

Naomi Dunford

Oh, damnit. I hate it when I have the world's most perfect comment and someone said it first.

Therefore, I second mayberry. Happy birthday to you AND your junk. :-)


Happy Birthday Mr. Mommaamme!

Ok. Mayberry and Naomi beat me to my comment.


heh heh heh.... heh heh heh... she said junk!


(batting eyes innocently) What? I don't get it! What does "junk" mean?

Happy birthday, hope everything's okay with your, um, junk. It's okay to say that, right?

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