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September 04, 2007


Class of 2020?! I've never calculated the year -- wow.

I hope that Mimi had a terrific first day of kindergarten!

Lizzy starts tomorrow!

My son is graduates in 2010 and my daughter graduates in 2013.

I graduated in 1982.

E gads.

She's SO cute!

that would be kindergarten, yes?
my Josh starts tomorrow!

Oh my GAWD, she is absolutely ADORABLE.

Nancy, she looks beautiful. I hope her day was even better than she (and you) hoped!

Oh I could squeeze her.


I don't have one graduating that year. 2014, 2016, 2018, 2022, 2023...but i skipped that 2020..I wish you all the bes tof luck as you both journey to graduation.

I never thought about the graduation year either. 2020 is a good one! Cheers to Mimi and all the other kindergarten kiddies.

Wow! Congrats to all of them, and what a nice little round-up.

We start (what is this we?) next year.

awww, I love this!
Way to go, Mimi!

Still here, still reading and also a proud parent of a class of 2020.

Holy cow...class of 2020! Wow. I've never calculated that, either, and we're on week THREE of kindergarten already. Sheesh. What does that say about my brain? ;)

Mimi looks so adorable (and I see that her backpack matches her outfit).

I hope everything went well today. Congrats mama! (and Mimi!)

Thanks Nancy for putting together this list...what a wonderful idea!


Congrats on her first day of school!

She's gorgeous!

And you can add my Jack to the list! He started K today.

Ahh! That's so crazy to think about! 2020 is very cool, and Mimi looks cool as a cucumber here. Hope she has a great day!

Our future is in their hands!!!!

What a sweet picture.

Whoa - when did she go and get all big??? Madeleine (aka Tiny) started K today. And I'm at home with a 2-year-old All Day Long. Dang.

Ahhhhhhhhhh! So cute! But 2020? Ack. I guess my oldest is in the class of 2022....

Wow! 2020! I hadn't calculated that - my cutie monster is another (I posted her pic on my site)
Your baby (ok, big) girl is beautiful!!

I hadn't thought about it in those terms, but the BoyChild should be class of 2020.

What a thoughtful post. Happy K to your sweet gal.

A big moment for you and your girl. I hope she loving school.

Oh, how cute is she in her little purple dress?!?

Add my Tristan to your terrific class of 2020 list too, please! Wow, will we all still be liveblogging the grad ceremonies??

Hooray! And she picked a great first day of school dress. Very cute and grown up.

Awww! It's my BubTar! 2020, wow. It seems so far away and so, so close at the same time.

I love seeing all their names up there together.

Ohmygosh, could she BE any cuter?!?! What a sweetheart!

I love the class of 2020 shout-out. If I have a baby when I'm sorta hoping to, he / she will be in the class of 2027. Whoa, that's freaking me out a little!!!

She is beautiful. She looks a lot like you.

I haven't even tried to do the math on when my kids will graduate.

Sometime when I am old, I guess.

Oh gosh! I can't imagine thinking that far ahead. But now that I do, my son is the class of 2022.

Oh she's just the more adoreable girlie.

ANd yes, I second Sarah. SHe's beautiful and looks like you.

I'd never figured out the year. 2020 has a nice rhythm to it. My Sam is a kindergartner this year too!

Kaitlyn is the class of 2023, doesn't that seem like it is so far away? Ryan is 2014, Nathan is 2016.

Mimi is absolutely adorable in her pretty purple dress!

Awww she is adorable Nancy! I have to wait another year to offload Thomas to a teacher. Sigh. :)

Hooray! Only, it's Birdie will be doing the 2020 bit... LaLa is 2022.

She is adorable. Big day. Hope it's all going well. So glad you posted - have thought of you.

She is beautiful!!

Very cute!!

Busy D. will also be a class member!

Wow, that's crazy. 2020. It sounds so space-aged, futuristic. Great idea compiling this list! And I love the picture.

Wow, 2020! You can add my little guy, Connor. Thanks!

Awww, she's so cute.

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