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January 27, 2007


My last post was rather long too. I am not sure where I stand on this issue. I don't drink anymore. But I have drank around Jer before and much more than just one or two. I just wanted to stop by and say hi, I am just cooking now and have to run. Talk to you later!

Hey Nancy, I'm with you!

(Didn't see the segment but don't have to now...)

PS We had a glass of wine tonight with our take-out greek food and our toddler not only saw us drink it (GASP!) but he wanted to "clink" his cup of water with our wine glasses. Cheers!

We hang with a group of friends who get together on weekends and special events. We are upstanding members of our community (teachers, city council people, school board members, etc). And we don't see a problem drinking, as long as someone stays sober to drive the family home.

Those people who are so uptight to never do anything bad in front of their kids prolly aren't nearly as fun as the rest of us!

1.) "How else do our kids learn the steps involved in growing to adulthood, except to watch how we handle adult situations? " - brilliant.

2.) "Stupid non-issue" - doubly brilliant.

For my part, as both an alcoholic in recovery, and a Mormon (yeah... quite the mix!) I don't do any drinking at playdates or otherwise. But we are ADULTS here people! I do all kinds of things in front of my girls that I don't EVER want to catch them doing till they are the proper age. Driving a car, for example.

Frankly, I can think of at least two women in my neighborhood (Utah... lots of Mormons) that I would prefer to see knock back a couple of stiff ones before trying to interract with my kiddos in a playdate setting... just sayin'.

But what would they say about moms who drink wine AND mock male online porn?

We, my dear, are going STRAIGHT to hell.

Amen sister. Yeah, why couldn't they spell my freakin' name right? They only asked me a million times and over many interviews. And why take the ONE thing that I said about "you try being with your kids 18 hours a day sober" and turn it into something nasty by using it out of context. In the conversation I was having at the time, we were joking around. I had also added that their are an awful lot of other moms I just can't deal with without a drink. Does that make me a bad person? No it makes me a good person for forcing myself to be with mom who's about as exciting as watching dough rise for the sake of my daughter.

This is why I've said fuck it and I'm starting her in pre-school to socialize. Hope I can guzzle beer there. I'm sure they won't mind.

Anyway, thanks for your kind words. I like your blog.

For reasons I know you understand personally, I don't often drink in front of my children. I absolutely refuse to get drunk in front of them, and it's not often that I drink in front of them, but HELL YEAH, I do. Because there is a line that can be drawn -- one glass of wine doesn't need to lead to two or three or a magnum -- and we, as mothers, can damn well draw that line. And we do.

I haven't seen the interview yet and I haven't read Melissa's account of it -- two things I want to do. But I'm in so much support of this post I can't see straight. And I have to say that "Parenting under the influence" in regards to ONE drink is the most assenine thing I've ever heard.

Nancy you hit the nail on the head. This is a NON-ISSUE!! We keep wine and beer in our refrigerator and regularly have a drink with dinner. Does that make us bad parents? No! I want my daughters to learn to drink responsibly.

And also, the last time I checked, iVillage is owned by NBC so this is a great way for them to stir up the mommy wars muck and drive traffic to that site.

Thanks for sharing your insight. I agree wholeheartedly.

Written beautifully and so perfectly logical. I agree with every word. Thanks for this apt post.

The whole way the Today show framed it was beyond stupid.

But am I the only one who still gets drunk? No one quite mentioned that! They all talk about one drink. I drink more than one drink. So, I guess so!

My concern is the segment's implication that if women are getting together, it is not okay to drink. But at a BBQ, sports game (Dad bringin' junior to the big game!)or family dinner, drinking in moderation would be okay.

So you add a male, and it becomes okay?

Where is the line?

Because I don't think Dr. Janet never, ever, ever drinks. So when is it okay to drink?

What an annoying segment.

Stupid non-issue indeed!

Nancy, will you have a playdate with me? I have a six pack of Heinekin in the fridge that's just going to waster.
Oh, and get this: Isaac knows how to use the bottle opener, and LOVES doing it. There's a skill he needs to have, right? ;)

I'm kidless but have to say as a kid growing up it was normal for me to watch my parents have a drink. Hell, I helped them make wine with neighbours down the street. It's perfectly reasonable for a parent (including a (gasp!) mother (gasp!) to have an alcoholic beverage. In fact, I'd say it taught me that it was an adult drink, something to be done responsibly, and be enjoyed.

Damn straight! Come have a playdate with me and my kid. We'll share a bottle of wine and bash Meredith V. It'll be fun.

Thank you! After reading this on Izzy's site I got to thinking about all of those times my hubby does a lunch meeting or business dinner and has a drink... Why is that ok but its supposedly not ok for a mom to have a glass of wine at a friend's house... And these women who equate SAHM's to fulltime babysitters? Yeah that REALLY pissed me off. Grrr.

Parents as role models. What a novel idea.

I'm modelling appropriate social behavior for my children. How to behave amoung my peers. How to drink responsibly and in which context. That being a parent doesn't mean you become a tight-assed priss.

Role model? Hell yeah!

And Meredith Viera is a tool. That girl does not represent me as a mother.

This is smokin' hot, sista! Nice piece of writing. I was nodding my head so furiously, that I may have injured myself!

I'm off to watch the link/clip and get worked up a bit! Thanks for swingin' by to say hi at my blog! As soon as I'm done with my proposal, the end of March, no one will be able to get rid of me...but until then, I sure do miss visiting more often!

(PS: I love the new digs!)

What??? I could have been drinking a glass of wine at all of those playdates??? I totally missed that memo. Some others have all of the luck!

And the Today Show thinks it has enough news content to expand to a 4th hour? The sandbagging is all about the ratings and not "news."

As for the wine, since when was drinking responsibly in front of our children a bad thing?

I've pretty much been in the 'nothing to see here' frame of mind about all this - the argument seemed to me to be absurd. But it really grated on me, so I had to put my two cents in. The thing that gets me is this: that it pushes alarmist buttons (bad for kids!) to make a dubious point. A point that, end of the day, serves none of us. Bah.

Your line about the difference between you and a babysitter - my god, you slay me. And not just because I'm drunk.

I can't even take this whole stupid business seriously. But I'll tell you one thing - I'd rather drink with Stefanie than anyone else in that segment.

Too right, non-issue.

Now, break open that bottle, please...

super, Nancy. excellent take.

*clinks glasses with Nancy*

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