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October 12, 2006


Gorgeous and lovely and wonderful. Congratulations on your anniversary.

I don't know what is more beautiful - the setting of your wedding or YOU! Wow, breathtaking pictures. Congrats on 10 years. That's a special milestone.

Happy, happy anniversary! I hope you are always as happy as you are today.

I wish you a very very happy wedding anniversary! Congratulations, Nancy and J! I hope you have many many more years.

Look at the wedding location.. God, it's BEAUTIFUL!

Care to see other wedding anniversaries? :)

Much love,

Awww! Happy anniversary!!

So beautiful - Happy Anniversary Nancy!!!!

Happy Anniversary!!! Gorgeous wedding!

Happy happy Anniversary Nancy!! The photos are just beautiful!!


Happy Anniversary, N&J.

Happy 10th. Big milestone. Lovely photos.

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing those pictures, they're gorgeous.

What a gorgeous wedding, gorgeous location, gorgeous bride and groom. :) Happy Happy 10 years! Here's to many more!

I loved seeing these pictures! Have a wonderful anniversary, and here's to many decades more.


So beautiful. Happy anniversary, and many many more.

Beautiful...Happy Anniversary, and many more happy days to come.

Great pics! Similar to the setting of my wedding. Thanks for posting these!

Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful wedding you had -- very classic. Not one of those weddings that 10 years later you look back at and think, "what on earth was I thinking with that dress?" Your wedding looks absolutely gorgeous and timeless. And it still will many decades from now when you celebrate your 50th anniversary.

Happy Anniversary! I love seeing people's wedding photos. What a gorgeous day you guys had. You both look beautiful.

1996 was a good year. :) I just commented on Cecily's over at Wasted Birth Control. It's her tenth this year too.

And it was ours in July.


Happy anniversary! Beautiful photos!

Happy 10th Anniversary to you and J! I love the photos. You look beautiful Nancy. :)

Happy decade-iversary! Here's to many more happy decades to come! (We're almost at 2 months now! hah!)

What a stunning location for a wedding. I love how the leaves are just turning colors.

And YOU, you were the most beautiful bride!! Congratulations to you and J on ten wonderful years.

What a lovely photo!
Congratulations to you both, and here's wishing you many more.

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful celebration marking this milestone with love.

The photos are stunning. What a beautiful bride!

Cheers to you and J. And the pictures are lovely.

Oh my gosh, those are exquisite photos! Congratulations!

Belated happy wishes to you both!

What a beautiful wedding! Congratulations on 10 years.

Your wedding looks beautiful. I love the turning leaves on the trees.

Congratualtions on ten years. That is impressive.

Aww... thanks for sharing these. You both look fabulous. So, not going to wax prosaical on what 10 years of marriage have taught you?

A decade is a beautiful thing.

Warmest congratulations to you, beautiful couple.

Awwww...happy tenth! It's your tin and aluminum anniversary!!

You were a beautiful bride :)

Happy late anniversary...so pretty!

mazel tovs all the way around. hope the next ten are as fun.

Happy Anniversary!

You look beautiful!

Beautiful pictures! Beautiful bride and groom! Happy happy anniversary!

Oh Hurrah! 96 was clearly THE Year to take the best women as Brides...

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