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October 12, 2005


This is so lovely and sweet. Mazel tov, lovebirds. Here's to many more.

Congratulations!! Enjoy your day!

and another observation...

you two have *really* nice teeth...

Happy anniversary!! That was such a lovely tribute. And I love the picture - you both look so happy, and Beth's right, you have great teeth.

Wishing you many, many more happy anniversaries!

awww. to add to the superficial--you have pretty eyes, too.

Happy anniversary!

Have an awesome anniversary! And forgot to mention yesterday, LOVE the new banner!

What a sweet post! You both look great in that picture. And I am also liking the new banner. Happy Anniversary!

Congrats on the nine years. Happy Anniversary.

Awww, Happy Anniversary!

Wonderful! Congrats to you!

Thanks everyone for the lovely wishes. J and I had a nice evening, though we're looking forward to really celebrating in 2 weeks when my parents come and we have babysitters!

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